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2017 Veterans’ Breakfast A Sellout

Veterans Services – The Twelfth Veteran’s Breakfast took place on February 3, 2017 at the SCI Convention. This breakfast was a sellout with 400 attendees snapping up the tickets well before the Convention started on February 1st.  Many attended the breakfast looking forward to paying their respects to veterans and supporting SCIF’s Veteran Programs that are carried out through the Chapters.

This year’s performer was Irlene Mandrell, one of the trio that comprised the Mandrell sisters, a long performing country act on stage and television. Ms. Mandrell performed 3 songs, including her single We Will Stand, a patriotic melody that moved the breakfast crowd to a standing ovation.  After the performance, Ms. Mandrell also helped with the sweepstakes drawing, where the 1st prize was 5 day Safari with Ditholos Safari.

Many chapters carry out programs to assist veterans in their local communities. Chapters that received the prestigious Eagle award for their outstanding efforts to assist veterans were:

  • Alaska Chapter                                                                  251 plus members
  • Georgia Chapter                                                               151 -250 members
  • Adirondack-Catskills Chapter (tie)                            101-150 members
  • Denver Chapter (tie)                                                      101-150 members
  • Tallahassee Chapter                                                       1 – 100 members

Unique this year was a tie between the Chapters with membership of 101-150. The tie was between Adirondack-Catskills and the Denver Chapter.  All winners are doing outstanding work taking veterans on fishing and hunting outings.  Other Chapters receiving plaques and recognition included East Ohio-North West Penn, Lansing Area, San Francisco Bay and Lehigh Valley.

Thank you to all military veterans for service to their country. The SCIF Veterans’ breakfast is held to honor you.