SCI Foundation President’s Message

As hunters, we have so many opportunities to be thankful throughout the year and particularly the hunting season. We cherish our days a field with family, friends, and maybe a special canine or two. In just our second year, Safari Club International Foundation has exceeded even my own expectations.

The SCI Foundation Conservation and Education programs are our passion, and that is why so many sportsmen and women make annual donations. Unlike other international non-profits, SCI Foundation focuses our efforts to achieve real result for the future of hunting.

The cornerstone of our education programs is the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS). Unlike any other education program, the AWLS changes the hearts and minds of youth educators, enveloping their understanding of wildlife ecology with our hunting traditions. The ˵ripple˶ effect of ˵teaching the teachers˶ means that an SCI Foundation dollar spent can deliver outdooring and hunter-conservationist curriculum to generations of classrooms!

Like many member volunteers for SCI Foundation, my passion for successful conservation programs is what brought me to the organization in the first place. And this year SCI Foundation hosted our 12th annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF). The AWCF is unlike any other international conference for wildlife conservation. In unprecedented openness, SCI Foundation gathers the Ministries of Environment of every southern and eastern African nation, the Professional Hunter Associations, leading sustainable use biologists and researchers. SCI Foundation exhibits to every attendee the scientifically driven research that drives African conservation decisions.

I have highlighted only two aspects of the SCI Foundation, but there was a singular theme throughout: uniqueness!

SCI Foundation is a unique organization, with unique programs that deliver long term success for sustainable use conservation, for hunters, and for educating future generations of outdoorsmen and women. Hopefully many of those young adults will be taking the woods in years to come. I hope our trails cross out there in the wilderness.

Joseph H. Hosmer

SCI Foundation President