Warren A. Sackman, III, SCI Foundation President

Welcome To SCI Foundation

Thanks to you and other donors like you, SCI Foundation has funded more than $60 million over the last decade to advance science-based conservation, expand our outdoor education programs and positively impact lives through our humanitarian service efforts worldwide.  Help SCI Foundation continue its vital role to fund and direct worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education and its goal to become recognized as the leader in these efforts.  Your philanthropic gifts are vital to our success in funding critical wildlife conservation and education programs. If you haven’t done so already, please join us in promoting sustainable-use wildlife conservation and expanding the reach and impact of our mission-based programs by making your 2018 tax-deductible donation to Safari Club International Foundation today.

Board of Directors

Warren A. Sackman, III, President

Craig L. Kauffman, Vice President

Brook F. Minx, Corporate Secretary

Ralph S. Cunningham, Corporate Treasurer

Dennis Anderson, Director

Donald Detwiler, Director

Roman A. DeVille, Director

Skip Donau, Director

Don C. Harter, Director

Jon T. Lee, Director

Sven K. Lindquist, Director

Ricardo Longoria, Director

Sandra Sadler, Director

Steve Skold, Director

Richard “Buck” Woodruff, Director

Advisory Board

Nancy A. Addison, Advisor

J. David Allen, Advisor

John Banovich, Advisor

Deb Cunningham, Advisor

Joseph H. Hosmer, Advisor

Diane Roederer, Advisor

Mike Rogers, Sr., Advisor

Byron G. Sadler, Advisor

Merle Shepard, Advisor

C. J. Sibert, Advisor

Eric Slocum Sparks, Advisor

Brian Hunter Welker, Advisor

Executive Administration

  • Robert K. Benson, Executive Director
  • Stephanie Carabeo, Executive Assistant


  • Jordan Hasler, Major Gifts Manager
  • Matthew Taylor, Major Gifts Manager
  • Kimberly Byers, Development Specialist

Marketing and Communications

  • Dennis Treadwell, Marketing and Communications Manager


  • Joseph Goergen, Conservation Programs and Research Coordinator
  • Andrew Vondall, Conservation and Administrative Assistant

Education & Humanitarian Services

  • Daniel Brooks, Director of Education and Humanitarian Services
  • Kathy Butler, Assistant Director of SCIF Sables, Museum and Humanitarian Services
  • Todd A. Roggenkamp, Assistant Director of Education
  • Karen Crehan, Program Coordinator


  • Kathleen Robinson, Museum Education Program Manager
  • Amy Soneira, Museum Exhibits and Marketing Manager