SCI Foundation’s Mission and Purpose

The mission of SCI Foundation is to fund and direct wildlife programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education while its purposes are as follows:

  • To conduct and support scientific and technical studies in the field of wildlife conservation, to assist in the design and development of scientifically sound wildlife programs for the management of wildlife and sustainable use hunting, and to demonstrate the constructive role that hunting and hunters play in the conservation of wildlife and in preserving biodiversity worldwide.
  • To carry out and to support education programs on wildlife conservation, ecology and natural resource management that include a demonstration of the constructive role that hunting and hunters play in natural resource conservation and land management.
  • To design, carry out and support programs to assist the disabled in enjoying sustainable hunting and to utilize the resources of the hunting community and the various aspects of hunting to aid those less fortunate by providing humanitarian services.
  • To provide charitable donations to other organizations or to individuals pursuing the same or similar goals as those of the SCI Foundation; and
  • To undertake activities permitted by law to publicly-supported organizations exempt from taxation under Section (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America, and to receive or make contributions which are deductible for federal income, estate and gift tax purposes.

Missions Programs

Conservation Efforts never cease, and through chapter projects, SCI Foundation grants and scholarships, and regional programs, members of Safari Club International make a difference in the life of the environment and the animals that live there.

Education Programs, for both children and adults, provide a hands-on opportunity to experience the outdoors and to spread the knowledge of conservation and wildlife management. One of these education programs is Sensory Safari, a program in which the blind can learn about nature through touch exhibits. SCI Foundation also opened the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, Arizona, to increase knowledge of, and appreciation for, the diverse wildlife of the world.

Chapter Driven Programs

Humanitarian Service Programs are also a primary initiative of SCI Foundation. Through Sportsmen Against Hunger and SafariCare, food and supplies are provided to those in need, both in our backyard and in remote places of the world. The Disabled Hunter program fosters opportunities for disabled sportsmen and women to experience the hunting tradition. SafariWish grants hunting related wishes to those dealing with terminal or life-threatening illnesses.

Our Officers

Joseph Hosmer
Joseph HosmerPresident
Joe Hosmer, President of SCIF, is an SCI Life member and has been active in the organization since 1994.A member of several SCI chapters. Joe served on the SCI Board of Directors in various capacities from 1996 until he became SCIF President. He has been a member of the CITES CoP delegation and served on the SCI Executive Committee as a Vice President or Treasurer for seven years. Joe also received President’s Awards from SCI Presidents John Monson, Dennis Anderson and Larry Rudolph.
Roman DeVille
Roman DeVilleVice President
Roman DeVille is the Vice President of SCIF, a Life Member of SCI and OVIS, a Director of SCIF, a founding member and Director of the Greater Atlanta Chapter of SCI, former Director and present Member of the Georgia Chapter, and a member of the Palm Beach Chapter. Roman is also a member of the Conservation Committee, Bylaws Committee, and Event Committee, and the Task Force Chairman of the SCIF/Boy Scouts Pre Convention Shoot Committee. Roman has hunted 16 African, 8 Asian,7 European countries and extensively in the South Pacific, North America and South America, Canada and Mexico, harvesting 331 species and earning the World Hunting Award Ring of SCI, the Triple Slam Award ring of OVIS and the Third Level of the Ullmann Award for European Animals.
Warren Sackman
Warren SackmanTreasurer
Warren Sackman’s passion for hunting began at a young age alongside his father in the woods of upstate New York. He has been a board member of the Hunter Legacy Foundation (HLF 100) for the past three years. Aside from being SCI Life Member #307 he is also a member of SCI Quarter Century Club, Hunter Legacy 100, Shikar Safari Club, Life member of the NRA, Life member of NAEBA, Life member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, member of Ducks Unlimited and member of U.S.
Alain Smith
Alain SmithSecretary
J. Alain Smith is a hunter, writer, businessman whose success has allowed him to venture to all points of the globe in search of hunting adventures. He has collected over 300 different species from around the world. He has written several hunting books and one novel with all the proceeds from the sales going to Conservation projects with SCIF and GSCO. Alain believes that we as hunters all need to give something back to our sport, through volunteering our time, investing our money and being proactive in making sure our rights as hunters are protected.

From the SCI Foundation Executive Director


I’m delighted to serve this great cause of wildlife conservation and education!  Thanks to the support of our volunteers and donors, SCI Foundation continues to fund and direct worldwide programs that reflect the impact of the hunter-conservationist.  Since our inception, we’ve become the conservation voice for hunters around the globe by providing scientific expertise and critical funding for more than 100 international conservation and education initiatives. These range from funding and directing critical wildlife research to supporting anti-poaching programs to combating human-wildlife-conflicts and illegal activities, and so much more.  Rest assured, your support enables us to continue to carry out this ambitious agenda of serving both wildlife and people.  We also focus much of our work on developing the next generation of conservationists through education programs and products; and also work with nearly 200 SCI Chapters and individuals to assist with Humanitarian Service projects to “Pay it Forward” and give back to those in need.  If you are not already an SCI Foundation donor, please consider making a gift today!

First for Wildlife,

Robert K Benson

Robert Benson
Robert BensonExecutive Director
Safari Club International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education. Any contribution may tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code section 170(c) as a charitable contribution to the extent permitted by law. Tax deductible amount of gift is reduced by the “Fair market Value” of any goods, services, or advantages that a sponsor receives for the donation.

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Safari Club International Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization that funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education.  All donations to SCI Foundation are tax-deductible.