The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to support the long-term direction of SCI Foundation leadership and the Vision of the organization for the period of FY 2016 – FY 2019.

To this end, the Strategic Plan is reflective of leadership guidance, relevant environmental consideration, and budgetary limitations.

Specifically the Strategic Plan will:

  • Provide a comprehensive, high-level construct for SCI Foundation. A blueprint to meet the mission and vision through following and adhering to a set plan.

  • Provide strategic marketing and communication guidance.

  • Continue to improve operational efficiency within SCI Foundation.

  • Provide strategic support of the development plan.

  • The SCI Foundation Board will work with staff to assist in the fundraising efforts and new revenue generation.

If you are interested in learning more about or receiving a copy of the 2016-2019 SCI Foundation Strategic Plan, please contact Bob Benson at